Nourish + Renew.2 Retreat

A Yogic healing path for women to love, empowerment and their inner mojo

Visit    for more information on this STUNNING eco - luxe boutique hotel.

Visit for more information on this STUNNING eco - luxe boutique hotel.

Facilitated by

Ivi “Saraswati” Brenner and Cassandra Kessman

Our Offering to You:

An extraordinary women’s yoga retreat and experience!

In Divine Timing :

March 19th – March 24th, 2019

Syncing with the power of the Full Moon.


Our Inspiration:

Cassandra and I have connected with women over the past months during these turbulent times, and we felt called to hold sacred space for them to come together and deeply connect to their inner resilience, through offering a path to love, empowerment and connection to their inner Mojo!  We have also been inspired to incorporate the watery nature of Pisces as we learn to go with life’s flow and embrace the fiery element of Aries as a catalyst for transformation.  We meditated, prayed and surrendered, asking the Universe to manifest the perfect environment for this healing experience.  The Universe responded with Jungle Keva Boutique Hotel and Retreat in Tulum, Mexico as a hOMe for your MOJO to bloom! This experience is truly from our hearts to yours.

Our Muse(s): 


YOU!  The response to last year’s retreat was so incredible, we felt drawn to create this offering with new energy, experiences, and opportunities for jump-starting your transformational journey. Feedback was a straight-up love bomb.  But, don’t take our word for it!  Here are some of your responses to the experience:  “Perfect balance of classes, experiences and free time”; “Life changing”; “Left me with more than I imagined”; “Every detail was perfectly executed”. So, THANK YOU!!

Our Intention: 

We will share ancient and modern tools, practices, rituals and experiences to facilitate movement through the layers of noise and illusion blocking us from our natural state of being, our True Nature, which is peaceful, joyful and free.  Immersed in the healing nature of a pristine jungle environment and a quick bike ride to one of the most spectacular beaches in Mexico, we will heal, nourish and renew our bodies, minds and spirits – back to wholeness – cultivating clarity, wisdom, strength and love as individuals and as a tribe of sisters.  Dipping our toes into these transformational waters during the retreat, will allow us to flow more easefully with the river of life and inspire us to continue our exploration post-retreat.  We would love to share this experience with you!!


  • 6 days/5 nights at the stunning – and we mean STUNNING – Ayurvedically inspired, brand new eco-luxe Jungle Keva Boutique Hotel and Retreat in Tulum, Mexico

  • Daily gourmet Ayurvedically inspired meals including: 5 dinners, 5 breakfasts and 4 lunches + snacks 

  • THERA-FLOW ™ Yoga classes led by Ivi (Founder) 

  • Daily Chakra inspired yoga classes 

  • Meditation 

  • Journaling

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Transformational off-site Cacao Ceremony and Sound Healing under a resonant crystal dome with Pablo at Holistika Tulum

  • Ayurvedic Cooking Class

  • Full Moon High-Vibe Empowerment Ceremony

  • The 411 on Ayurvedic Self-Care and What’s Your Dosha

  • Offsite excursion to private lagoon for a ceremony, meditation and float

  • A 90 minute massage

  • Communing with like-hearted women

  • Swimming in the Infinity Pool

  • Moon and Jungle bathing under a canopy of stars

  • Flower Power Essence(tial) Workshop 

  • Gratuities

  • Return transfers

  • Not included: 

  • Arrival transfers, flights, alcohol and activities/meals/etc. not mentioned in the itinerary

Fire & Flow Itinerary:


 WELCOME  to Jungle Keva for Nourish+Renew.2!  We are so happy to share in this journey with you!  Settle in to your new home for your retreat experience.  Please join us for a lovely dinner at 7:30pm. Afterward, nourish your soul with Yoga Nidra facilitated by Ivi from 8p-8:45p in the palapa, followed by moon and jungle bathing under a canopy of stars at 9:00pm as you prepare to settle in for a sweet night’s sleep.


Good morning!  Your journey begins with the movement medicine of THERA FLOW™ yoga with Ivi from 8:30a-9:45a as we explore your first two chakras: 1(muladhara) and 2(svadhistana).  Breakfast will be offered at 9:45am. Ivi will offer, “The 411 on Ayurvedic Self-Care and, Hey, What’s your Dosha?”, from 11a-12:15p.  Lunch will be served at 12:30pm; dinner at 5:45pm.  A “Full Moon High-Vibe Empowerment Ceremony”, will be led by Cassandra from 8:15p-10:15p. Sweet sleep follows.


Hola!  Movement medicine of a chakra 3(manipura) inspired flow with Cassandra will be offered from 8:30a-9:30a.  Breakfast will be served at 9:45a.  Cassandra will offer a “Flower Power Essence-(tial) Workshop for Wellness”, from 11:00a-12:00n.  Lunch will be served at 12:15p.  An Ayurvedic Cooking Class followed by dinner will be offered from 5:30 p-8:30p by Jungle Keva’s amazing, and we mean AMA, Kendall Inman! Meditation with Ivi will be held from 8:45p-9:30p, followed by moon and jungle bathing under the stars.


Engage in the movement medicine of THERA FLOW™ yoga with Ivi from 830a-9:45a as we explore chakras 4(visshuda) and 5(ananhata).  Breakfast will be served at 9:45a.  Our first off-site experience will be offered from 1p-6p at the Holistika Project.  At this extraordinary healing arts center for profound healing and transformation, we will enjoy an amazing lunch, a silent walking meditation through the nature art garden, and a private, traditional and transformative cacao ceremony led by Pablo with a sound healing under a resonant crystal dome. Once back at Jungle Keva, we will enjoy dinner together at 7:30p, followed by moon and jungle bathing under the stars.


A flow inspired by chakras 6(ajna) and 7(sahasrara) will be offered by Cassandra from 8a-9a.  Breakfast will be served at 9:15a; lunch at noon.  Our second off-site private experience will be from 1:30p-4:15p at a privately owned lagoon accessed by a magical jungle road.   Anoint, meditate and float in this stunning environment.  Dinner with live music back at Jungle Keva will be at 7:30p.  Yoga Nidra with Ivi will be from 9:15p-10P. 


Meditation will be offered from 8:00a - 8:30a Breakfast and farewells will follow at 8:30a. Group transfer to Cancun International Airport.


*Some schedule shifts might occur due to weather patterns.

 **Please schedule your 90-minute massage upon or prior to your arrival.

 ***WARNING:  Seismic shifts within your soul may occur due to extreme joy!!


Holistika Project, Tulum

Holistika Project, Tulum

Holistika Project, Tulum

Holistika Project, Tulum

Holistika Project, Tulum

Holistika Project, Tulum


retreat schedule.jpg

Not included:

 Arrival transfers, flights, alcohol and activities/meals/etc. not mentioned in the itinerary

How to get there: 

Fly into Cancun International Airport (CUN).  Jungle Keva is 2 hours away from the airport.  You have the option of private transfer, taxi or bus.  The bus is a very reasonable safe, clean and air-conditioned option and can be accessed directly from the airport.  There is a quick single stop in Playa del Carmen, and then it goes straight into Tulum.  From Tulum, it is a very quick and easy taxi ride to Jungle Keva. Please DO NOT purchase airfare until group transfer is confirmed for departure to CUN.


Nestled in the heart of the spectacular jungles of Tulum, Mexico, lies the brand new Jungle Keva Boutique Hotel and Retreat.  This STUNNING, Ayurvedically inspired sublime jungle refuge is the perfect place to unwind, tune-in and allow the medicine of the natural jungle to heal you. The individual lodges are off-the-hook gorge! Click here to go to the website to check it out! WARNING:  Prepare to be deeply inspired!


This retreat is for women ages 18 and up.  All experiences are designed for all levels of practice.


$2,199 per person, double occupancy, queen beds.  All classes and offerings in the itinerary are included in this package.  Arrival transfers, flights, alcohol and activities, meals, etc. not mentioned are NOT included in this package.

Non-refundable deposit: half installation to reserve your space; second installment by February 1st, 2019.

5% of net profits goes to the Inland Ocean Coalition.

For more information, please feel free to contact Ivi @540.230.2641 or Cassandra @518.321.1295 

Meet Ivi & Cassandra

Ivi and Cas.jpg

Ivi Brenner


 Ivi “Saraswati” Brenner 500HR:  Born in NY and a 20 year resident in the mountains of Blacksburg, Va, Ivi began her spiritual journey over 15 years ago.  Having experienced bouts of anxiety throughout her life and frustrated with not getting to the root of her discomfort through Western medicine, she turned to Eastern practices to find her way back to herself.  She’s never looked back.  After being encouraged to study yoga with Becky McDaniel at In Balance Yoga, she began her path.  Privileged to study yoga, Ayurveda and multiple healing modalities with master teachers from around the world, led her back to her roots of pursuing a healer’s path.  She found healing came quite naturally to her.  She is inspired and honored every day as she uses her tools and intuitive gifts as a way to help others struggling to find balance and a way back to themselves.  Their courage and resilience has been an incredible gift to witness.  She is thankful to the IBY community, her teachers, students, clients, friends and her INCREDIBLE family.

 Yoga & Ayurveda:

 200 HR YTT with Becky McDaniel at In Balance Yoga

 300 HR YTT – Tantric Hatha Yoga – YCC New Haven, Conn – Kathryn Templeton, Sue Neufeld

 Therapeutic Yoga – Integral Yoga NYC – Cheri Clampett and Arturo Peal

 Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist – Yoga International – Kathryn Templeton

 Meditation:  Rev. Padma Pria – Yogaville and Rolf Sovik – Yoga International

 Yoga Nidra:  Yogarupa Parayogi Rod Stryker

 Healing Modalities:

 Past Life Exploration: Carol Denicker – NYC

 Integrated Energy Work – Master – Tina Bertolli and Billy Rothcamp – NYC

 Aromatherapy:  Elisha Reagle – NRV Massage School

 Reflexology:  Elisha Reagle – NRV Massage School

 SOMA Energetics Sound Therapy:  David Hulse


 Usui-Tibetan Reiki Master – Tina Esposito Conroy – NYC

 Holy Fire Reiki Master – Lynn Boggess – VA

 Karuna Usui-Tibetan Reiki Master – Kathie Lipinski – NYC

 Jikiden Shoden and Okuden Practitioner:  Frank Arjava Petter and Julie Lomas


 Cassandra Kessman

Cassandra is inspired to empower others to live from a centered place grounded in authenticity and expansion. Through the use of Asana, herbs and breath, she intuitively connects with the belief that we all have the inner wisdom to heal ourselves and find peace. 

Her flowing teaching style helps students to feel comfortable in their bodies as they navigate the waves of their breath. Cassandra creates a safe and comfortable environment where students may honor themselves and practice present moment awareness. She shares yoga in a way that is accessible to every body, weaving the wisdom of yoga philosophy and Chakras into her classes. 



      200 YTT - Satsang Yoga (Yoga Alliance Approved)

     300 YTT - Hatha Yoga & Self Awareness Program - Anna Pittman (Yoga Alliance Approved) 2017 - 2018

     Co -owner of Tapestry Massage & Yoga, Radford, VA


     Twin Star Herbal Education 

     Herbalism, Reiki & Yoga - Judy Apicella

     Environmental Studies B.A. - MCLA 

     Owner of Wildwood Apothecary, Radford, VA  


     Reiki I & II - Usui Shikoku Reiki Ryoho Method - Ginny Mackles

 The Wild Woman Project  with Chris Maddox:  

     Trained Wild Woman Circle Facilitator 

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