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Tapestry: Origins & Aspirations

I have these fantastic memories of my family sitting in my Grandparents living room watching Star Trek: Next Gen. My Gram Ree and sometimes my sister would sit in the bedroom watching Golden Girls on a different channel. Both rooms had a bowl of popcorn and during commercial breaks I would pop into my Grandparents bedroom to hangout with my Gram and Misty. 

I've re-watched the Next Gen series a few times since then. Captain Jean-Luc had started out as a childhood hero - a man who commands his own ship with grace, authentic authority, and equality - and has remained a deeply respectable, multi-faceted hero into my adulthood. And it's not just that - Sir Patrick Stewart himself is a strong, intellectual, masculine man who wields his power by publicly promoting equality. I mean, this dude...

The episode of Next Gen called Tapestry exposes a past inclusive of mistakes and failures, one that Captain Picard wishes he could clean up. But like a tapestry, he realizes that if he starts to pull on the fabric of his past, he could unravel the very path that led him to become a Captain. 

This concept is highly resonant (and I'm sure I'm not alone in that). I chose the name Tapestry for this reason. Life is indeed a Tapestry of events and experiences, as are the trades of bodywork which include modalities, techniques, tricks, theories, instincts, sequences, and beyond. The work of the body is so intricate and fascinating that it becomes magical and having a tapestry of information & experience to draw from becomes invaluable for a bodyworker. 

And as this episode illustrates, it's not just the good experiences that inform us. There are times when I don't see the results I was hoping for after a session with a client, or I procrastinate a little too long on important tasks, and rarely I have to navigate uncomfortable situations with people who don't understand the scope of my practice. Those experiences are just as useful for my personal growth and that of Tapestry, and I'll continue to stumble through them just as I'll continue to seek out education and connections with colleagues. 

As you may know, 6 months ago Tapestry moved from East to West Radford. Cassandra and I met shortly before and could immediately see our strengths weaving together in a way that could make a profound impact on our rural community. We became business partners and turned the beautiful, free-standing brick building at 307 West Main into a truly inspired space. 

In the past 6 months we've held Wild Woman Circles, Qigong classes, Herb Hour Work Shops, and hundreds of yoga classes. I've seen dozens of clients whose health maintenance plans include regular massage, and dozens of new clients too. We've partners with colleagues and similar community spaces. We've witnessed individuals grow and build more confidence and entire communities & friendships be formed. 

We currently have three incredible instructors, Leia, Ellen, and Beth, leading students through vinyasa, prenatal, and Qigong. Thanks to Ellen we had yoga classes with tiny kittens roaming the room, ready to snuggle in the nook of your tree posture. 

Each of us holds a physical tapestry within our selves, that is our selves, and we use it to connect with others and their tapestries. I couldn't have imagined three years ago when the threads of my dream to command my own destiny/career started to come together that I would become part of such a beautifully woven piece of art. Everyone who inspires us, who enters or even talks about Tapestry contributes to it's vibrant and evolving presence. 

I couldn't be happier to be on this collaborative network of a journey. 

Sir Patrick Stewart, if you are reading this my heart is exploding with happiness. Thank you for being my muse and role model. 




"There were many things in my youth that I'm not proud of...they were loose threads...untidy parts of myself that I wanted to remove. But when I pulled on one of those threads...I unraveled the tapestry of my life." -Captain Jean-Luc Picard