Oh hi!

Tapestry is now entering it's fifth month! That's incredible to me. Back in August I went home to Vermont to visit family and friends. When I left I was working for someone else, and when I came back I dove into opening my own business. 

[Some] dreams come true. 

Many people ask me how or why I got into bodywork. I can't pinpoint a certain experience that brought me here, it's more of a sum total of events and glimmers of inspiration that led me to marry my life philosophies and personality with my work and this is what came about. 

We carry everything in our bodies, all of the experiences that have touched our lives -- the good, the bad, and the many gray areas in between. They stay there in our muscles and in our minds - little rivers of thought and memory that deepen over time, creating our "mindset" and shaping our perspective of the world. If we leave it alone our bodies and minds will harden into these molds and it becomes harder and harder to escape our own past. 

Enter bodywork: the world of yoga is so vast and deep it cannot be summed up in a few thought provoking sentences, but I will try to give you a kernel. Yoga opens spaces in your physical body that translate into the mind. When once you felt stiff and perhaps cynical, you begin to see more possibilities and goodness around you. You begin to believe in yourself. When once you told yourself you were not good enough to be physically and emotionally happy you begin to realize that in fact you are more than good enough. I love guiding people through this practice. When we first step onto a mat even the most basic postures feel awkward and choppy. Soon after, with practice, we feel fluid and able, ready to take on more. I have seen this happen so many times. I have felt it happen.

Massage is so similar to the yogic process, only someone else is helping you through it with their hands while you relax. Sometimes we don't even know what's really happening in our bodies until we get onto the massage table. From pain patterns to old injuries, scars to insomnia, we hold so much. Some of it we need, but most of it we don't. Sometimes we need the help of a professional so that we can effectively move forward. If you've never experienced a massage then make it a priority for yourself in 2016. 

So my path has led me to explore and understand that the body and the mind are actually the same and that through bodywork we can become our best selves. Consider how many roles you have in life (mom, dad, brother, caretaker, employee, friend, etc) and how many times you've wished you were a better version of yourself in order to fulfill those roles. Don't get me wrong, we are all wonderful and worthy of acceptance from ourselves and others the way we are, but don't let acceptance overrule improvement. 

Tapestry was always meant to be, in some form anyway. I always knew I wanted my own business with a heavy piece of service to my community. I think I nailed it. Back in September when I was signing the lease for a space in the Hudson Building I was buzzing. Everything in me was screaming YES. And now, I walk down to my little studio to meet with each client and am grateful to be here, in this particular community, walking these particular hills. 

So if you've heard about Tapestry in passing or saw the facebook page and were wondering, "what the heck is this place?" Now you know! Tapestry is a one woman biz with unconditional help from my partner, Anthony. I love introducing the wonders of bodywork to people. Curious? Call me or book a session online. 

And to those current clients of mine, thank you for an incredible first four months! My expectations were shattered with support, kindness, and repeat sessions.

I'm looking forward to 2016 as a business owner in Radford, to getting to know my current clients better, and to meeting my future clients. 


"There were many things in my youth that I'm not proud of...they were loose threads...untidy parts of myself that I wanted to remove. But when I pulled on one of those threads...I unraveled the tapestry of my life." -Captain Jean-Luc Picard