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Beginners Yoga Series

This beginning yoga series is designed to introduce you to yoga and take the worry and anxiety out of trying your first yoga class. 


This can be a drop in class or feel free to try the whole series out. 


March 9th - What we will discuss & practice:

-What is Yoga?

-The 8 limbs of Yoga

-What are all those props for? 

Warm up poses, breath work, basic seated and standing poses and Sun Salutation A. 



March 16th - What we will discuss & practice: 

-Importance of breath 

-Introduce more standing poses; Warrior I, Warrior II, and balancing poses.


March 23rd - 

Spine Strengtheners, twisting postures, Sun Salutation B  and more emphasis on breathing techniques, pranayama. 


March 30th - 

Sun Salutations A & B, heart opening poses and meditation, stringing together everything you have learned over the 4 weeks. 

"There were many things in my youth that I'm not proud of...they were loose threads...untidy parts of myself that I wanted to remove. But when I pulled on one of those threads...I unraveled the tapestry of my life." -Captain Jean-Luc Picard